Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Castle. Arrow. Forever. The Flash. OUAT. Orphan Black. Teen Wolf. Vikings. Suits. Grey's. Scandal. Revenge. TWD. Awkward. New Girl. PLL. TVD. HIMYM. Firefly. Nikita.

Wizard. Shadowhunter. Demigod. Tribute. Dauntless. Wholly.

Avenger & Guardian. Hawkeye & Spider.

Titan & Leaguer. Flash & Archer.

Final Fantasy. Tales. Kingdom Hearts. Suikoden (♥2). Zelda. Fire Emblem. Tomb Raider. Pokemon.

TV, book, movie, video game, a bit of manga and anime, and comic book freak from the PH.

So technically.. Mike goes, so does Jessica.

LOL just kidding, guys.

Just watched Blind-Sided. Loved it! Looking forward to next week ♥

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