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"I had… relations earlier tonight."

"In this office?"

"On this desk."

- Scandal, 2x01

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    This never fails to make me laugh. Never.
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    "NONES for Edison…"
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    I know what beats fucking on the Resolute Desk…fucking at the National Archives (how you lose your pin Fitz?!) So,...
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    SabiaCoruja On this desk This tiny desk? How sad for you. Olivia’s expressions are hilarious - you have not had sex...
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    ^^This post is giving me life…keep it going!
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    I think both of them are going to have a hard time explaining why they hell they are wore out like they are. lol But...
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    OMG. This fandom just keeps getting better!!!
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    Oh no, Edison got NONE of that. I think Edison’s jaw would be on the floor if he saw the way Liv gets down with Fitz.
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